Real Estate Masters 10X TV Program

by Tony Javier

Use TV Commercials to reach 10x as many people, 10x faster with 10x less effort and a potential 10x ROI. 

  • Automated: Build a marketing channel that brings in deals consistently like no other channel does. On Autopilot.
  • Targeted: We will show you what shows to target that meets your target market demographics (like we have for close to a decade).
  • Made Easy: Our advertising team will handle buying the spots and negotiating the best prices for you. (No need to figure this out yourself.  We do all the work so you can do deals)

Get the FLOW of steady Highly Motived Seller leads 

that has little to no competition

You have seen the big brands on TV. That is how most became big brands. So why aren’t more Real Estate Investors doing TV to help their brand?

TV is not as expensive as you may think because of our 20+ years experience and tough negotiating skills.  TV has so many more benefits than any other marketing method. 

It is a good thing that people think they cannot afford it because that keeps the competition away. 

TV is completely inbound so sellers are seeking you out which makes them way more serious and qualified. No tire kickers!

I have been running TV ads for almost a decade and could not have grown my business as much as I have without it.

How TV can help you DOMINATE your market and 

help other areas of your business.

There is nothing better to help you build your brand. TV gives you instant authority and people will think of you as the go to expert in your market. Become a celebrity in your local market!

If you are on TV, sellers know you are a serious buyer as opposed to other forms of marketing that can look cheap or "Scammy."

TV helps other areas of your business. It will help your other forms of Marketing (they will trust you more), help with raising Private Money (they feel like they know you already) and if you are running a REIA group or even attending groups to help bring deals in... then game over! They will trust you over anyone else in the room and in your market which will help you get more deals. 

What are the other benefits:

  • No Competition – Practically no one in the  business is taking advantage of TV ads, even though TV is highly effective at generating leads.
  • Highest Quality Leads – People who take the time to pick up the phone are more motivated than any other form of marketing. Automatically weed out tire kickers. 
  • Easier to Close – Leads that come from TV will be much easier to close, since they already see you as an authority before they meet you.
  • Set It and Forget It After you get your ads setup there is very little maintenance because we do all the work month after month. We work with the TV stations and sales reps, we analyze the monthly TV station invoices, we adjust on the fly if need be to give you the most effective TV schedules.  This allows you to answer the phone and get more deals done!
  • Surprisingly Affordable – Because of our Advertising Team’s 20 plus years of buying media, TV is not as expensive as you might think for the amount of people that you can reach.  Typically your cost to reach qualified, targeted demographics is $4 – $10 per thousand people.  Compare that to direct mail and TV is your most efficient lead source.
  • Higher ROI – With just leads that come in from TV and not including deals that get done with other marketing because of our TV credibility, we typically get 3 to over 10x on our ad spend. 
  • Easy to Scale Up – Once you get it working in your local market, you can easily expand into new markets. It’s just a matter of finding the right TV station for the target area which we help you with.
  • Ad buying done for you – You do not need to figure out which station is best or which shows are best. We already know from our experience and will help create the schedule for you.  

If you want to be a serious player, 

then TV is what you need to do in your market!

When you join the program, you are getting almost a decade worth of experience to help you streamline the process of buying and producing the ads. We know what has worked to help you implement the best strategy and we also know what has not worked so you don't make those mistakes. 

The biggest part is how much my team will actually do for you!

With the experience we have, we will show you.....

How to pick the right stations and shows. We know what schedules have worked best to get the best bang for your buck. 

How to get the best rates. Better yet, we will reach out to your local stations and get the best rates for you. Because we do this for a living we know what to say and how to negotiate. 

What commercials have done the best. I have run a lot of different commercials and know what has worked better than others. 

What scripts to use. I have a formula that I have used that has produced results. I also have some scripts that have not deal well that I can prevent you from using in your commercials. 

Interested? Then click the big button below to book a call with me or someone from my team.

The call is free, and there’s no obligation to join. It simply gives us the opportunity to learn about you & your goals, and figure out if you’re someone we’d like to work with.

It’s also a chance for you to learn everything you want to know about the program and get a sampling of what it’s like to work with us.

Click the button to be taken to a short application form 

where you’ll be asked to pick a date & time for your call:

No need to figure it out yourself. We have already done that for you.

GET ME 1ox!

Commercials we know that get the phone ringing!

Get deals and create Credibility with your own TV Commercial!

  • Produced for you: TV ads produced for you. All you have to do is choose 1 of our scripts and shoot the commercial if you want to be in it. We produce the rest. 
  • Scale: Best way to scale your business with a steady flow of leads on a marketing channel that not many are using. (Likely no one in your market)
  • Amplify your other marketing: TV will help you build credibility for your other forms of marketing. When you are on TV, you are the authority which gains more trust. 
  • Return on Time: Unlike other marketing channels, this form of marketing takes very little time. Small setup time up front and huge rewards on the backend!

Make Selling Your Home Easy

Costing You Too Much

The Office

3 Steps

Tough Time

Trust the Professionals 

GET ME 1ox!

GET ME 1ox!

The Least Competitive and Most Automated  Motivated Seller Lead Machine!!!

What do our clients have to say about working with us?

We want to be your guide to helping you dominate your market with TV!



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Todd Haas

Dean Rogers

$30,000 in the first 2 Weeks!!

$500,000 in 1 Year from TV!

3 leads in the first few hours and 4 deals in the first 45 days!

Andrew Lucas

Finds TV Commercials are exponentially better than Facebook Ads!

Ben Grise

Busy Mom Virtual Wholesaling in Multiple Markets! 

Chelsea Dabney

Top Virtual Wholesaling Coach gets over 100 leads and 10 contracts in her first month 

Lauren Hardy

As seen on TV adds that layer of credibility. The leads we are bringing in from TV commercials that authority is already there.

Drew Farnese

It has been the easiest and best marketing that I've done in the last 15 years. 128 calls in the first 30 days. Not 1 poor call.

John Blackburn

Adam R.

This allowed us to leap forward. This was better than trial and error.

Nick Cuttonaro

$100,000 in First 2 Months from TV

Ryan Rice

25 Year old does 50 deals his first year and his TV Commercials get 17.5 ROI.

Ashley and Josh Hines

7 contracts in the first 6 weeks that will net $13,000 - $15,000 per contract.

Cergio Torres

Leads are coming in. Good quality calls and motivated sellers. We have stopped all other marketing. TV has been the best.


The credibility factor when you are speaking with someone who knows that you are legitimate after they seen you on TV.

Marla Evans Rogers

The TV commercial you get instant credibility you're like a superstar and the leads will come to you. 

Richie Pace

 TV commercial is probably the highest quality I have seen all throughout all of our marketing channels up to this point.

Cody Winter

$287,000 profit on $11,000 ad spend.

Zach Campbell

Zach does 2 $100k deals in his first 6 months!